"HUNGR came from the need for a worry-free meal when I was too busy."


The morning rush with three boys. Short, hurried lunch breaks. Constantly on the road. Calls or meetings running long. Finishing some work or getting some exercise in over lunch. Always very hungry, nothing very nutritious at hand.

That's how I came up with HUNGR. While finishing the crusts of my kids' sandwiches or hoarding the tea biscuits from the meeting room at work.

I wanted a quick and nutritious meal that contained everything I needed, and that I didn't have to worry about. Was it carbs I needed to avoid, or just sugar? Or should I only eat protein?

That's how HUNGR was developed. A worry-free food shot. Natural ingredients, nutritionally complete, and easy to prepare. Available in two well-balanced flavours. A full meal in one shake.

This is HUNGR.
This is your worry-free food shot.


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